A Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day, 2007


Today, I got to sleep in, and woke up to the sound of baby voices. Charlie and I found a sunny spot on the carpet to curl up together like cats. Julia and I shared a warm blueberry muffin while she and Will gave me flowers and cards that made me laugh and cry. Julia had "signed" her name on the cards in what looked like intricate Chinese letters. We all applauded while Will gave Charlie an airplane ride.

We went to a garden party. Julia wore her polka dot dress and gathered tiny bouquets of violets as her pigtails bounced in the sunshine. Charlie's roly-poly thighs made their outdoor debut as he sat Buddha-like on the laps of grandparents and cousins and aunties and uncles and great aunties and great uncles and great Grandma Jessie.

When Julia ran up to me so I could wipe her runny nose, I felt like a mother. She snuggled up onto my lap to get warm, asking "Mama, do you want to sit and talk with me while I eat my grapes?" Will held a buttercup under her chin to see if she was sweet.

Our girly girl tackled her cousin like a linebacker, and they rolled onto the grass like puppies, laughing.

Charlie bounced his foot to the beat of the music in the car. We had sushi for dinner and Julia picked up a slippery piece of avocado with her chopsticks. Will did the dishes as I wrote this blog to the sounds of sleeping babies.

Tomorrow, a new day to celebrate being a mom.

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