Head Down and Ready to Go

33 Weeks Pregnant

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It worked! I don’t know if it was gravity, the cold veggies, or the KC and the Sunshine Band blaring through my iPod (OK, maybe the baby was just ready to turn), but the good news is that this week’s ultrasound showed that the baby is now in the head-down position. Now I really do feel like doing cartwheels down the street, because (knock on wood), the specter of a C-Section isn’t looming over my head anymore, and it really does feel like we’re gearing up for the delivery.
More good news this week: All of my blood work came back normal, so we can rule out an infection as a cause for the extra fluid. And the ultrasound showed no apparent structural abnormalities with the baby’s digestive tract, heart, or kidneys, so that’s a huge relief. We watched the baby swallowing fluid—and peeing!—and saw his chest moving up and down as he practiced breathing. According to the ultrasound, our baby is measuring 6 pounds, 4 ounces (average weight at 33 weeks is 4 pound, 2 ounces). At this rate, we may have a 10+ pound baby. (I’m not scared.)
With no known reason for all the extra fluid I’m carrying around, I have to go back to repeat my one-hour Glucose Screening (yum), just to double check that I don’t have gestational diabetes. And I have to keep going in for continued monitoring, which means another ultrasound next week.
For now, I’m breathing a little easier and am telling myself that we just happen to be building a future lumberjack. I’m trying to stay positive and am doing my best to believe that the only labor in our immediate future will be a long, relaxing Labor Day weekend.
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