Here’s The ONLY Acceptable Thing to Say About a Pregnant Woman’s Appearance

A video going viral highlights the annoying things nearly all pregnant women will hear...and the one, maybe two phrases that are acceptable to say instead.

All hail Jill Krause, the mom behind blog Baby Rabies, for releasing a video that will make preggos everywhere want to personally thank her. Krause's video has been making waves on the internet, and for good reason. The blogger gets really, really real about the things we can basically guarantee no pregnant woman ever wants to hear from anyone, let alone a perfect stranger. It's a sassy, frank message to all the non-pregnant people of the world who simply don't realize that it's not OK to comment on the size or shape of a woman's body just because she's pregnant.

Krause takes to a blog post to go over the experience that inspired the video. She recounts the time a man approached her at the grocery store and asked her when she was expecting her baby. When she gave him an answer (something she really didn't need to do, TBH), he responded in the most obnoxious, unacceptable way possible: “Damn. You sure it’s not twins?”

Ridiculous, right?

"There is no other human condition in which it is appropriate for a stranger to approach another person in a public space and make a comment on the appearance of their body," Krause explains in the video. "The next time that you are so taken aback by a pregnant woman's appearance that you feel the need to say something to her, this is all you're allowed to say. Are you ready? You look amazing...maybe you can say congratulations. I don't care if she looks like Jabba the Hutt incubating a small planet."

Krause adds that there's one other viable option when you're looking for something to say to a pregnant woman: "You're glowing." Cliché? Maybe. But at least it's not rude.

There's this infuriating double standard that people seem to apply to pregnant women: While we all know how inappropriate it is to simply walk up to a non-pregnant person and comment on his size, it's way, way too common that people believe they are entitled to make unsolicited statements about the way expectant mothers look. Krause explained it best: "I mean, I could have asked that guy [who approached me at the grocery store] if he was SURE he wasn't drinking a 6 pack a night based on his beer gut, but that's not appropriate," she writes on her Facebook page.

And FYI? Commenting on how "small" a woman's bump is...that's not OK either.