Hoofin' It

1.21.08: Charlie hops aboard the shoelace express


Written on 1.19.08

It's my turn to sleep in. But, I'm jolted awake at 8:00 a.m. by the sounds of Will and Julia hooting and hollering from Julia's room, yelling: "Charlie's walking! Charlie's walking!'”

I'm sitting straight up now, but before I can even swing my legs over the side of the bed, they're all tumbling through the bedroom door. Will sets Charlie down on his feet while Julia flops down expectantly next to him.

"Walk to Mama!" Will prompts.

Charlie stands still, smiles flirtatiously, then holds his arms out and does a fast Step-Step-Step-Plop!

"Yay, Charlie!" We're all clapping, beaming, laughing—giddy with the excitement of it all. Charlie sits on the floor, clapping, smiling, and looking around him, obviously confused about what'’s causing all the fuss.

Julia sidles up to me and says: "Mama, pretend I don't know how to walk." Then, she gets on the floor and crawls around on all fours. When she stands up on her feet and does the same Frankenstein-like Step-Step-Step, we clap "Yay, Julia!", trying to hide the fact that just an eensie bit of the initial thrill has worn off since she took her first steps nearly three years ago.

I run to get the video camera while Will gets Charlie back in position. Then, I stand with the camera poised a few steps away:

"Walk to Mama, buddy!"

Charlie plops down and crawls over to me.

Will lifts Charlie back up onto his feet.

"Walk to Mama!"

Charlie flops down onto his bottom and simply stares.

"Walk to Mama!" we both urge.

Charlie sits, shakes his head, and lets out an adamant: "No!"

Will and I look at each other in disbelief. It seems Charlie's learned two new things today.

Our boy is walking. Talking. With a mind of his own. Look out world, here comes Charlie.

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