How Huggies Helped This Mom Feel Her Baby's Kicks

Prepare to cry all the tears when you watch this video, which features a mama feeling her babies' kicks...even though she's not carrying them.

Sharde Lamneck always wanted to be a mom. It was a dream she held onto even after she was diagnosed with cancer, even after learning the disease would make it impossible for her to carry her babies. Though she enlisted a surrogate to carry her twins for her, Lamneck ached for the experience of feeling her children move inside her belly—and Huggies gave her the opportunity to do just that.

In Huggies touching video (have the tissues handy), the mom-to-be revealed that she is a five-year cancer survivor, and that she knew a pregnancy would be medically impossible in light of her history. "I did always imagine that I would be pregnant," Lamneck said. "You know, experiencing the kicks and morning feel them move inside me and to feel a kick."

In the video, Huggies used their Hug Belt, a device that allows others to feel a baby's kicks. A pregnant woman wears one end of the device and gives the other belt attachment to someone else. It's a concept that Huggies initially rolled out as a way for expectant fathers to experience those precious kicks, but its more recent use, to give Lamneck the chance to feel the twins moving inside the womb of her surrogate, might be even more beautiful. By the end of the video, she, her husband and her surrogate were all in tears...and if we're being honest, we were too.

"It was definitely something that I never thought I would be able to experience when my husband and I were going through the whole surrogacy journey," Lamneck told Fit Pregnancy. "There are obviously things that you sacrifice. Not knowing that this technology was out there and then finding out that it was—it was pretty cool to have that belt strapped on and feel the kicks of your baby girls right when it was happening. [It's] definitely something that I'll always remember and cherish, and the fact that it was recorded and that I can share that with the girls when they get older is even more special."

This amazing video is going viral for good reason: Every time the video gets shared, Huggies donates $1 to #NoBabyUnhugged, a campaign to ensure that all babies get love and attention, even when their families can't be there. And that makes it doubly worth sharing.