How I Spent my Training Vacation

6.01.10 A tale of sloth, greed, lust and gluttony

sasha wedding blog.jpg

Rob and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary this weekend with a trip to our favorite guesthouse on Cape Cod where we will spend three whole days sans children, luxuriating in spa treatments, great champagne, rich desserts and oodles of each other.

We will be biking to our destination, so there will be a little bit of working out in there, but I plan to shed both my computer and my running routine, the two activities that most weigh on my time.

This weekend is all about decadence and debauchery, two things I get far too little of in my everyday, mommy/writer/runner life.

I have really shifted in the past couple weeks and while I know I will have to ramp it up again starting July 1 (training, baby!), I have allowed myself a whole lot of activities that are, shall we say, not on the “life plan of success.” For instance:

1. I only worked out four times this week.

I realize this is not that shocking, but for me, it really is. There was a time, not that long ago, where I felt like a slacker when I skipped a single day each week, let along three.

2. I have done a lot of shopping.

Staying home with two kids, there was not a lot of time or money to shop like I used to. My tastes still ran expensive, but my budget did not allow for a lot of new clothing (and shoes) each season. This year, with a new job and a lot of freelance work, plus my husband’s new situation at work, I have been able to splurge. It has been really nice. I will go back to saving (I promise), but, in the meantime, my summer wardrobe is better than it has been in years.

3. I have watched a lot of tube.

All my shows are ending (Lost! Lost!). So I have spent a lot of time camped out in front of the tube. This is not something I usually do and I must say, it has been nice to curl up with the hubs, DVR The Bachelorette and mock, mock, mock.

4. I have had a beer/glass of wine/cocktail many nights this week.

I am not a big drinker (at least not in recent years) as I tend to think it slows me down with the stuff I really want to do, but these past couple weeks I have allowed myself to drink a fair amount while watching TV, while curled up with my husband and I am loving the soft, relaxation it brings. I am not suggesting I get wasted, but it has been nice to just have a glass or two each night.

5. I have eaten. A lot.

Today, I took my children to an amusement park and I ate a bowl of ice cream, a soft pretzel, a 32 oz. slushy, a box of Bunch-A-Crunch and a few Caramel Creams. It was not a healthy day. And neither was yesterday. I figure I have my whole life to eat rabbit food. Why not spend the six weeks between training session eating a whole lotta high fructose corn syrup and not waste a lot of time feeling bad about it?

6. I have seen a lot of movies

In the past week alone I have gone to three movies (Sex and the City 2; Robin Hood and Prince of Persia). This is not my usual MO at all. In fact, typically I spend my evenings writing (or sleeping) so this whole bring irresponsible thing is kind of nice for a change.

It is summer. And I will get back on track. But I must say, it has been awfully nice to exit the treadmill of pressure I have been on, this brutal boot camp of win, win, win. I am sure I will be back to my old self in time to train again, but if you want to find me in the meantime? I will be sunning at the lake house. In a new Shoshanna bikini. Sipping a mai-tai.

Sasha Brown-Worsham is a writer, a mother and an unabashed, unashamed runaholic. Check her progress each week as she trains to qualify for the Boston Marathon.