How One Mom Got Over Her Fear of Breastfeeding

This mom was a little nervous about breastfeeding, especially breastfeeding in public. Can you relate to her story?

Becoming a mother changes you in ways you could never imagine. Maybe you never imagined you'd be able to handle the pain of childbirth, only to realize you'd do it again in a heartbeat once it's over. Maybe you always thought you needed a solid eight hours of rest every night, only to find you can absolutely function (albeit with lots of coffee on hand) on almost no sleep when you're looking after your crying baby.

Or maybe you're like this mom, who never imagined herself breastfeeding before her child was born.

Dominique Nozzolillo shared the story of her breastfeeding journey—and while her experience is incredibly specific and personal, it's also one so many women will likely relate to. Nozzolillo explained that she was always a little nervous about breastfeeding, which is totally understandable. Breastfeeding in public can be especially anxiety-inducing for new moms—let's face it, we've been raised in a world that tells us we should hide our breasts away or use them to up our sex appeal. The idea of revealing them to feed our children can definitely seem at odds with these messages, and the totally unfounded controversy around public breastfeeding only adds to this.

In a post shared to Breastfeeding Mama Talk's Facebook page, Nozzolillo explained that she was always unsure of whether she'd breastfeed. "I'm very conservative in that aspect. I honestly didn't want to breastfeed at first and it made me feel horribly uncomfortable even thinking about it because I had no idea what it truly felt like and never experienced the whole meaning of it," she wrote. "I was never around anyone who's breastfed and to me growing up boobs were more of a sexualized object shown on tv or music videos or the things my guy friends would always talk about. I was always forced to cover up and be conservative because society makes you feel like any exposure is wrong."

But welcoming her daughter changed her attitudes towards breastfeeding in ways she could have never predicted. After experiencing a complicated delivery, Nozzolillo knew instantly that she could—and would—nurse her child. "They asked me if I wanted to breastfeed and I immediately said yes because I just wanted her in my arms and close to me. I would have done anything for her in that moment no matter what it was. And my view did a 360 turn. That close bond and feeling with the baby was something I never in my life felt. I would never change that moment," she wrote.

Can you relate to this incredible story? Did become a mom (or even learning you were pregnant) change you in any significant way or make you realize your own capabilities?