'I Gave Birth in an SUV'

What happens when you just can't make it to the hospital on time?

Special Deliveries: "I Gave Birth in the Back of an SUV"

Tiffany Modest knows that an SUV is a great car for a mom—and not just because you can pack a few car seats into one: Modest actually became a mother in her trusty four-wheel drive. "I gave birth to my son Mason in the backseat of my SUV," she said.  

Modest was having a hard time falling asleep and dealing with some discomfort so she called her doctor, who told her it sounded as though she was in early labor

"As soon as she got off the phone it just sped up," Modest's husband, Andre, said of the labor.

The couple jumped into their car and headed to the hospital—but they were too late.

Modest felt her baby's head make its way out before she could get out of the car. She had her baby in the car while her husband was inside the hospital trying to find a doctor.

As it turns out, Modest isn't the only one woman who has felt as though she wouldn't make it into the hospital in time to have her baby.

"I've had multiple friends tell me to meet them in a parking lot because they felt like they were going to have a baby in a car," OBGYN Chase Cawyer told Fit Pregnancy. "I know most people have seen videos online of women having babies in cars, but this is incredibly rare."

Dr. Cawyer shared a bit of advice for women who find themselves in this situation. "My advice would be: Have the driver contact the hospital, doctor, friend, etc. and let them know you're on your way and that this baby is about the come. The driver's number number one job is [to] get there safely. Speeding is fine, but don't keep looking over or if the baby is crowning take your hands off the wheel. If the baby is crowning, pull over to help with the delivery, if it's not, keep driving quickly yet safely. A majority of women will magically find a way to make it to the hospital."

But while Modest's story is an uncommon one, it's also one she wouldn't trade. 

"I feel honored actually that it happened the way that it did," Modest said. "You really don't know what you're capable of until you're put into that position."