A Little Dose of Fairy Magic

9 Weeks Pregnant


This week I've been on a mission to ease my nausea. I've tried hot water and lemon, ginger tea, cinnamon hot candies, jolly ranchers, and nibbling on grapes. On the non-food front, I've tried meditation, listening to classical music, lowering the thermostat, and motion sickness bands. Nothing has really worked. The constant queasiness persists, and it's the worst at night. As soon as I lay down, my mouth gets dry at first and then at the back of my throat a threatening saliva rises up.

If I close my eyes and breathe through it I can avoid vomiting.

During the day, the nausea extends all over my body. My arms, the back of my neck, and even my fingertips feel affected. There are brief moments when I'm busy enough to feel slightly better but the sensation is always there hovering like a cloud of toxic gas.

Yesterday I had to escape the house. The leftover smell of fajitas cooked in a cast iron skillet lingered in my kitchen. And my freshly washed hair kept giving off an overwhelming aroma of artificial flowers mixed with chemical plastic. Of course, a wet dog and dirty diapers don't help either.

Luckily, we had our first taste of spring yesterday afternoon. After Elise woke from her nap, we zipped up in fleece coats and trudged out to meet Nelson, who was cutting a tree that had fallen during a winter storm a few months ago. Julia and I decided to use some of the smaller branches and logs to build a fairy house. We built a square base and then stacked twigs on top to make a triangular roof. Then we set out around the yard to furnish our fairy home with furniture. We found a sea shell from the summer to use as a fairy bath. Elise helped us gather pebbles and rocks so we could assemble a couch (every fairy needs a place to kick back after all). And finally we broke up the smallest twigs so our fairy could make her very own fire should she get cold.

Once we were finished building, we took inventory of our design. Julia was delighted, and as the warm sun and fresh air touched my skin, I realized that I was feeling the best I had in days. The damp earth smelled organic and cleansing. The trek around the yard hunting for supplies stretched my tired muscles and bones. The cool wind carried away the hovering nausea.

We spent the next hour frolicking around. We built a princess castle out of sand and looked for trolls down by the river that runs out back. We took a walk to the marina at the end of our street and spied for mermaids. Suddenly, I realized that Mother Nature and a little fairy magic was all I ever needed to feel better.