Mama Slays Hip-Hop Routine Days Before Giving Birth

This mom literally danced her way into labor! You have to see the incredible hip-hop dance she filmed just a few days before she welcomed her son.

Are you stuck at the tail end of your pregnancy and so beyond ready to give birth? If so, you have a few options: You could nosh on this maternity salad or chow down on this spicy labor-inducing pizza. Or, if you'd rather not travel (possibly out of state) to get your hands on one of these dishes, you could do what Issabella Mensah-Kumah did: You could dance.

The mom—who recently gave birth to a sweet little guy named Nathan—shared a video of herself executing a hip hop routine (flawlessly, might we add) at the end of her pregnancy. She gave birth just four days later.

Join us as we marvel at this woman's energy, rhythm and grace, won't you?

"I made this video on a Thursday, went into labour on the Saturday and gave birth on Monday 24/04/17, so basically 5days before I gave birth to baby Nathan," Mensah-Kumah wrote alongside the video. "Exercising/dancing is one of the best things to do to prepare for labour. I'm happy I made several dance videos during my pregnancy and it helped me a lot."

She's not the only mom who danced right before giving birth—There was also this woman, who busted a move right in the delivery room; this mama, who taught a Zumba class just before her due date; and the woman whose water broke after a Justin Bieber dance party.

The bottom line? We're into the whole dancing-your-way-into-labor thing...even if our moves don't compare to Mensah-Kumah's.