Miracle Twins Born After Ectopic Pregnancy

Natalie Whitefox had all but given up on her dreams of having another baby after repeat miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy—but against all odds, she gave birth to twins.

Miracle Twins Born After Ectopic Pregnancy JGA/Shutterstock

Natalie Whitefox has suffered multiple miscarriages. She's also had two ectopic pregnancies and her fallopian tubes completely removed. She had resigned herself to never having more children—but this Christmas was the perfect time for her to celebrate the twins she gave birth to over two years ago—and her story is nothing short of miraculous.

When she became pregnant in 2013, the situation seemed bleak. Doctors told her she was experiencing another ectopic pregnancy, which happens when the fetus implants into tissue other than the uterine wall. Ectopic pregnancies can be fatal for both the mother and the child, so doctors removed Whitefox's fallopian tube (which is where the fetus generally implants during an ectopic pregnancy.)

The medical team thought they had removed the fetus along with the fallopian tube...but they heard the baby's heartbeat 24 hours later. Despite the complications, Whitefox was pregnant with not one, but two babies. It seemed as though they had miraculously traveled out of the fallopian tube just before the surgery.

"I was stunned," Whitefox told The Mirror. "It was the best news. We had gone from believing we had lost our baby to discovering we were having twins."

Doctors warned Whitefox that another miscarriage was likely—but she gave birth to two healthy baby girls, Heidi and Halle, in August 2013.

On Christmas this year, Whitefox got married and her twins walked the couple down the aisle.

"The day was absolutely perfect. We couldn't have been happier," Whitefox said of her Christmas wedding. "It felt like all our Christmases had come at once."