Mom Dances on Exercise Ball, Induces Labor

Want to induce labor? Why not try this woman's trick - it seems like it was pretty effective (not to mention fun!) for her, doesn't it?

Mom Dances on Exercise Ball, Induces Labor Victoria Weller/Facebook

Victoria Weller was 42 weeks pregnant when she decided to take matters into her own hands. The new mom's video is going viral because she just may have found what so many overdue pregnant women so desperately want: an effective—and fun—method for inducing labor.

Weller, who refers to herself as an "embarassing mum" was expecting her fourth child when she recorded the video. She had reportedly tried common tricks that women employ when they overshoot their due dates—eating pineapple and spicy foods, having sex—before resorting to something a bit more original...and entertaining. The 36-year-old decided to try dancing on an exercise ball. She uploaded a video of herself bouncing up and down energetically, complete with extra arm motions while the song "Turn The Music Louder" by KDA, Tinnie Tempah and Katy B played in the background.

"All my friends were tagging me in a video on Facebook where a pregnant woman does a Justin Bieber dance, as they wanted me to have a go of it. I'm a bit of a performer who will give anything a go and I don't care about looking stupid," Weller told the Daily Mail. "We had the gym ball in our house as my sisters-in-law used it when they were expecting their babies. I got on it one night and got my husband to film me dancing, then posted the video online and said, 'OK, here's my version!'"

It looks like her method worked: Weller gave birth to a healthy baby girl, Sadie Maggie Weller, just two days later.