Mom Documents Inspirational Weight Loss With a Year's Worth of Daily Selfies

This transformation is so amazing.

For mom-of-two Justine McCabe, food was a source of comfort. When her husband took his own life, she began eating more and more, consuming up to 10,000 calories a day. 

The hairdresser steadily gained weight, topping the scales at 313 pounds...but she didn't care. “I was completely broken and grieving—I had no desire to live life," she told Us Weekly.

Then, one day, a selfie literally changed McCabe's life. "I didn’t recognize myself in it,” she said. “I looked lost, broken and full of darkness. So every day from there on out, I took a selfie with the hope that I would start to see myself again and reclaim my light.” With that first photo, McCabe decided to reclaim her health, her body, her life.

Setting out on a new fitness regimen, McCabe vowed to take one selfie every day for 365 days—not just to track her amazing progress, but also to boost her self-confidence and celebrate her body. "Taking pictures every day and comparing them to other ones I had taken gave me the desire to keep pushing forward and fight to become the person I knew I was deep down,” she said.

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McCabe, who used to eat five slices of pizza, breadsticks and chicken wings for dinner, made a complete lifestyle overhaul—and it worked. The mother lost an impressive 126 pounds from her 5'10" frame in just one year. 

Diet and exercise were obviously huge parts of her weight loss plan: McCabe called the gym "the best form of therapy" and loves spinning, hiking and weightlifting. She also followed a diet assembled by online personal trainer Jonny Straws, who eliminated her usual double cheeseburgers and sugar-bomb snack choices in favor of egg whites, chicken, fish and tons of greens. 

Now, McCabe is fit and healthy—and she'll always have those pictures as an amazing reminder of how far she has come. We bet her kids are proud! 

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