Mom Nurses While Running a Marathon, Becomes Our Hero

Whoa. This mama nursed while running a marathon and it's an incredible display of strength and commitment. 

If parenting teaches you one thing, it's how to multitask—but this mother takes it to the next level. Emily Sabato is a new mom who ran a marathon at just nine and a half months postpartum. That's impressive enough: Running a marathon is always crazy impressive, but when you consider that Sabato likely trained while just a few months postpartum, it seems sort of mind-blowing. But the runner didn't stop there.

A photo of Sabato nursing her daughter while completing the track is gaining attention on social media—and we can't say we're surprised. The image of the mother holding her baby to her chest while pushing forward is nothing short of incredible.

Facebook page Nationwide Nurse-In Events and Breastfeeding Laws shared the photo along with a message from Sabato's husband, Chris Herrmann. "We'd planned out this meet up so Emily would get a little relief in the course of such a long race! It is Emily's 3rd time running the NYC Marathon, this time with 9.5-month-old twins cheering her on. Baby girl latched on and went for a very great ride," Herrmann said.

The Huffington Post caught up with the couple to hear a bit more about the experience. “The whole thing was a little surreal,” Sabato said. “I actually didn’t know if it would work out, if anyone would stop the handoff. But it was fine, and she latched immediately...I got a lot of cheering and positive reinforcement. One person was confused and said ‘Is that a baby on the course?’ Lots of women―and maybe even some men―shouted encouraging things. One runner tapped me on the shoulder and said she did the same thing at Mile 8!”

Isn't this woman amazing? We're so impressed by her strength (even just holding a baby while running a marathon is a pretty serious feat) and we love that the crowd was so supportive of her nursing as she ran.