Mom Pens Emotional Letter to Infertility

A mother who suffered through infertility wrote a raw note about the issue so many couples face on the path to parenthood. See why it's going viral.

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Infertility isn't something people often talk about, but that doesn't mean it's not worth discussing. So many people are affected by the issue—and while it's a deeply personal one, speaking out can help countless other infertility sufferers feel a sense of community and realize they're not alone.

That might be why a recent social media post on the issue has earned so much attention—it represents a total departure from the clinical way we often discuss infertility. The truth is, infertility isn't just about how long you've been trying or what your cycles are like or how many rounds of IVF you receive—it's also about the emotional aspect of trying to will your body to do something when it just won't. 

Desiree Fortin, a mother who battled infertility before having her triplets, shared some incredibly raw words to make that point.

"Infertility, there are so many things you brought with you when you entered my life. It wasn’t just that I couldn’t get pregnant. You brought me more tears than I ever thought I could shed. Because of you I laid on my bathroom floor in complete emptiness after countless negative pregnancy tests time and time again I had to endure shots, bruises, and all kinds of meds because when you are infertile and you seek fertility treatment for help, that is what you are in for. You are expensive and exhausting physically, emotionally, and mentally. Infertility, you drowned my heart in disappointment and agony. And truthfully, it was pretty painful every time I heard the words 'I’m pregnant' from someone other than myself," Fortin wrote in a post from Love What Matters

Fortin eventually beat infertility, and she opened up about how she no longer views it as something to hate because of that. The experience was no doubt excruciating for her, but like so many others, Fortin was able to reach that light at the end of the tunnel. We imagine she wrote this in part to inspire others who are struggling with infertility—the condition may put significant roadblocks on your path to becoming a parent, but it doesn't always stop you from getting there eventually.

Fortin's story has clearly touched so many people—and it's inspiring others to speak out about their own experiences. 

"Infertility was a blessing for our family! I am a proud mom to four boys that joined our family through adoption. This fall I will be the proud Auntie to twin girls my sister-in-law is currently pregnant with because of in vitro. None of this would have happened had both of us not struggled with infertility," one commenter wrote of her post.

“Infertility was probably the toughest season of my life. There’s so many emotions that come with it and I just was reflecting on my journey and I felt like infertility needed to know that it didn’t define me. It wasn’t who I was, it just was a part of my journey. And I conquered it because there’s always hope," Fortin told Fit Pregnancy. "I know that there are women everywhere struggling with it, but you have to be positive and look ahead, you know? I just felt like I had to express it, to tell infertility that it didn’t win."