Mom Shares Photo of Baby's Diaper 'Blowout,' is Every Parent

...And that's what parenthood looks (and smells) like.

Motherhood isn't all baby kisses, make-you-melt smiles and newborn photo shoots; it's also about spit up on your brand new top, sleepless nights, a sloppy home and, as one woman demonstrated on social media, very messy diapers

Esther Anderson is the blogger behind Story of This Life, which is an incredibly fitting name because her recent post features something that is very much the story of any new mom's life—and it's making the rounds online for that very reason. The shot in question features Esther wearing gym clothes and holding her baby, who has a very visible 'blowout.' FYI: The term 'blowout' doesn't refer to a tire or a new hairdo in this scenario. 

“Second blowout of the day, and let me tell you...this one wasn’t nearly as bad as this morning’s,” Anderson posted about her baby's diaper mess. “Let’s just say [older daughter] Ellia might go back into her pull-ups for tonight.” 

Anderson recorded a video to elaborate on what was going on in the photo: "I was at my brother's house and [the baby] decided that she wanted to explode her diaper on me—it just got everywhere, as usual," she explained in a clip for US Weekly. "How did I deal with the situation? I left the poo on my shorts, cleaned the baby up, and do you know you can remove a onesie [over the legs] instead of removing the poopie onesie over the head?" Good tip!

Not surprisingly, other parents have reached out to tell Anderson how relatable her story, photo and video are. “We’re showing the reality of parenting," she told US Weekly. "There’s poop involved and there’s throw-up involved and there’s frustration involved, there’s loss of patience, there’s a lot of things involved in parenting. We’ve had a lot of people say, 'Thank you for making me feel like everything is normal.’”