Mom Takes CrossFit-Inspired Maternity Photos, Serves up Serious #Fitspo

This mom's amazing CrossFit-themed maternity shoot might help you find the motivation you need to get to the gym today.

Talk about a fit pregnancy! Soon-to-be mom of two Lauren Ferris is so committed to her healthy lifestyle and rigorous fitness regimen, pregnancy wasn't about to stop her from hitting the gym.

Ferris has been practicing CrossFit for the past five years, and it's been a central part of her life—that's why, when it came time to take maternity photos, Ferris knew her CrossFit gym would be the ideal setting for the shoot.

crossfit-maternity-shot JoAnn Marrero/From Labor to Love

Ferris enlisted JoAnn Marrero of From Labor to Love to take the photos, which have gone viral. We can't say we're surprised—the pics prove pregnant women can do just about anything.

"I CrossFitted throughout my entire first pregnancy, and it is something that has been a big part of my life for the past five years," Ferris told Fit Pregnancy. "My son also loves coming with me to the gym, and my husband CrossFits as well, so I figured it would be awesome to have some nice photos to document CrossFitting through another pregnancy. I wanted to do something different!"

crossfit-maternity-shot JoAnn Marrero/From Labor to Love

Exercise is important during pregnancy—but maintain your regular fitness regimen in the face of morning sickness, decreased balance, and exhaustion can be challenging. Luckily, Ferris pushed through to get her workouts in regularly. "For the most part, it hasn't been too hard to keep to my normal CrossFit schedule," she said. "If anything, I make it more of a priority to get to the gym now then when I wasn't pregnant.  The days that I do get to CrossFit, I have more energy, and generally feel better. If I'm having back pain, for example, it gives me a chance to move around and stretch out my muscles."

Active mamas don't always have it easy—there are plenty of trolls out there who love to slam fit moms, and Ferris did deal with a few of them. The good news? The response to her shoot has been largely positive. "For the most part the response has been great! There have been a few negative comments, but I believe that those people are just ill-informed," she said.

Crossft-maternity-shoot JoAnn Marrero/From Labor to Love

While pregnant women should always listen to their bodies and check in with their doctors before starting any type of rigorous exercise, you can also take cues from mamas like Ferris, who keep up with their healthiest habits while pregnant. "I even got a message from a pregnant woman who is 30 weeks along that says my photos have encouraged her to keep working out," Ferris said. "To be able to share this message and inspire other pregnant women is amazing and means a lot to me."