Mom 'Threatened With Arrest' After Breastfeeding at the Supermarket

The horrible run-in this mom had with a cop at a supermarket after she breastfed her baby will make you so angry.

It seems like we hear a new story involving a mom who is shamed for breastfeeding every day—but that doesn't make the most recent one any less shocking. A mom took to Facebook to share her story after something truly awful happened to her while she was breastfeeding, and it's yet another sign of how far behind our society is where upholding the rights of new moms is concerned.

Savvy Shukla shared a post detailing her experience on Facebook, where it has been shared over 16,000 times. "Tonight while in Piggly Wiggly with my sister and both my children (the oldest 20mos and the youngest 1month old today) while nursing a Deputy approached me right when I was about to leave and informed that I needed to cover up because someone might find it 'offensive,'" Shukla wrote. 

But that's not even the worst of it—according to Shukla's post, the officer threatened to take legal action against her...despite the fact that she was doing something well within her rights. Shukla reminded the officer that breastfeeding mothers may legally feed in any place that people are allowed to be in the state of Georgia, but he continued to threaten legal action.

"He also pointed out how he could 'already see my areola' and that if someone saw my nipple (even if I were trying to cover up) that he would have to arrest me and that he 'really didn't want to arrest me'. For him to see my areola he would've had to have been staring VERY hard," Shukla wrote. "I'm so upset about it and I understand why this type of harassment can cause moms to stop." 

The mom shared a link detailing Georgia's breastfeeding laws to prove she was in the right.

Ugh. This story makes us so angry, and it's such a prime example of the unfair discrimination breastfeeding moms face. Luckily, Shukla was not charged...but she was definitely humiliated, and that's just not OK. 

What do you think of this story? Has anything like this ever happened to you?