Mom-to-Be Has Emotional Gender Reveal Using Hair Dye

This creative mom did something pretty bold (and stylish) to reveal her child's gender—would you ever do this?

hair dye gender reveal Amber Sacrison - Hair Artist/Facebook
Amanda Parrish isn't just a regular mom, she's a cool mom. 

Like so many pregnant women these days, Parrish was incredibly excited to learn the sex of her baby—so excited that she wasn't about to simply hear the answer from her doctor. But instead of having a cake baked with pink or blue or popping a balloon filled with colored confetti, this mom put matters into her hairdresser's hands.

Parrish went to the salon and asked her stylist to dye her hair based on the results of her ultrasound. She even posted a video of the whole reveal on her Facebook page. Not surprisingly, it's gone viral.

Despite the popularity of the video, Parrish has recieved some flack for using hair dye while pregnant. Her response to this? She checked with her OBGYN, who gave her the go ahead. "Color molecules are too large to enter blood stream to affect baby," she said.

Parrish gave birth on March 8. Did she have a baby boy or a baby girl? Watch the video and see for yourself!