Mom-to-be Surprises Husband in Sweetest Pregnancy Reveal

Talk about capturing the moment!

What do you do when you're married to the man who managed to completely shock you with an epic proposal that's caught on video? If you're anything like Bri Dow, you return the favor by serving up an equally joyful surprise that's also documented for years to come. 

Bri told her husband they had won a free photoshoot from Samantha Boos, their former wedding photographer, and her husband, Brandon, believed her—but Bri had something up her sleeve. She had just learned she was pregnant and she planned to surprise her husband on camera.

The couple posed with small chalkboards, on which they wrote messages to one another. "Love, cute, sweet," Brandon wrote as a message to his wife. 

But as sweet as his words were, Bri's stole the show. "You're going to be a a daddy," she wrote.

As you can imagine, the dad-to-be was shocked and thrilled. “As soon as he was reading my board I just kept looking at his eyes and could tell he was so shocked and excited,” Bri told ABC News. “After he read my board he looked into my eyes and said, ‘Really?!’ and I said, ‘Yes!’ He hugged me instantly and cried with joy. It was the perfect moment and feeling I will never forget.”

The 24-year-old mom-to-be always knew she'd surprise Brandon with a creative pregnancy reveal. “Brandon proposed to me while we both were wakeboarding and had his sister record that special moment. I always knew that I wanted to surprise him somehow just as he surprised me with the unique proposal," she explained.

Looks like both Brandon and Bri are in for another surprise: They'll learn their baby's sex in September.

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