Mom Works Out Like a Boss at 41 Weeks Pregnant

You'll never believe how strong, dedicated and energetic this lady is at 41 weeks pregnant. It's totally inspirational!

If you're heading towards your due date and simply can't muster up the energy to get off the couch, put on a sports bra and head to the gym...well, we definitely don't blame you.

But if you're looking for that one last little push that'll get you up and ready to go, here it is: We just saw a video of new mom Sara Wiss working out at the very end of her pregnancy (and we do mean the very end. As in, she was 41 weeks along when this video was shot) and it's kind of amazing.

This clip is serious fit-spiration. If you need a proof that it is possible to work out when you're set to go into labor at any moment....well, here it is.

"Keep calm! I'm still pregnant," Wiss wrote alongside a video of herself cranking out a set of pull-ups.

She shared a shot of herself holding her newborn baby just two days after posting the workout video.

Are you as impressed as we are? This mama's commitment to her healthy lifestyle is so commendable, and we bet it'll continue to pay off as she makes her way through motherhood. (We all know that exercising during pregnancy has so many benefits for you and your baby.) If you're expecting and want to work out, you need to listen to your body, take extra precautions, and get the go-ahead from your doctor before hitting the gym. If you're this close to delivery and don't feel up to a full-on workout like this mama did, a nice long walk should do the trick.