Mommy Vlogger Broadcasts 'Very Quick' Labor Via Facebook Live

A UK mom opted to film a Facebook Live video while she was in labor—it'll all make sense when you learned why she did this.

Some women ask everyone to leave the room when they go into labor, others want their whole families there to take in the entire experience. Then there's Emily Norris, a mom and vlogger who invited her followers to witness her labor. The mother filmed herself in the minutes before (and after) she welcomed her son, Jackson, and streamed the video via Facebook Live. Granted, this isn't something most moms would be comfortable doing...but we sort of love the reason behind Norris's choice. 

Norris, who just gave birth for the third time, shared a video on her personal page telling her followers she was in the early stages of labor and asking them to head over to Channel Mum's Facebook page, where she appeared in a series of videos featuring various stages of her labor.

The first video featured Norris explaining to viewers that her contractions had just started. "As you can tell I am between contractions," she said. "Pain has never felt so good, to be honest. I refused induction today...I just really hope this is the real thing." Norris also explained that she'd be having a home birth.

Norris was a bit further along—but still remarkably and calm and cheerful—in the next video showcasing the process. "I'm four or five centimeters so it's definitely happening," she shared. She was clearly in a lot of pain in this video—but luckily, that phase didn't last too long.

The next video Norris shared featured the mom holding her adorable baby boy to her chest after a labor that lated just three hours. "That was quick! He's here. That was very quick," she admitted. "He kept me waiting for eleven days [after his due date] and when he decided he was coming he was like 'I'm coming now.' But yeah, he's gorgeous and I'm so thrilled."

First of all, wow. Can someone please explain how this woman managed to remain so gorgeous and clam throughout the entire experience? You might wonder why she chose to share such intimate moments with a wide audience, and as it turns out, there's a really wonderful reason behind this choice.

According to Mirror, Norris decided to stream her labor experience to show other women that giving birth isn't always as terrifying as it seems. "I've always had really positive birth experiences so it was quite nice to share," she said. "A lot of mums are really keen to tell you their horrible birth stories and it's quite scary if you're pregnant or a mum."

Obviously giving birth is never easy, but it seems like this mama had a fast, relatively simple experience—and that just might be what expectant mothers need to see to soothe their own childbirth fears.

What do you think of these videos? Did they make you feel better about givng birth yourself?