Mom Gets Real About "Crowded Vaginas" in Pregnancy Rant Video

Mommy blogger Tova Leigh just shared a video about how "crowded" things can get down there during pregnancy, and it's so, so real.

Ladies, Tova Leigh has just done it again. As you might recall, the mommy blogger/YouTuber hilariously took on the nature of pregnancy expectations vs. realities in a recent video. Now, she's back with yet another humorous-yet-true rant about the things pregnant woman really experience.

This video's topic? Vaginas. More specifically, the way those nether regions get real crowded throughout your pregnancy. 

“I would like to ask the people who invent stuff to kindly stop inventing things that are supposed to go up pregnant women’s vaginas," Leigh said in the video. "I don't know why these people seem to think that pregnant women's vaginas are these big, vast places that need more and more and more stuff. It's actually quite crowded in there."

The YouTube personality took it back in time, describing how traumatic it seemed the first time she learned how to insert a tampon—but according to Leigh, it gets worse.

The blogger went on to describe all the things that happen to a woman's privates while she is pregnant: The poking, proding, stretching and pulling.

"Like when you go for your ultrasound test and they say to you 'we really want to do an internal test.' Now, this internal ultrasound stick looks like a mini baseball bat and they shove it right in you, and of course they need to get a good angle. And they always ask you that same stupid question: 'Are you comfortable, ma'am?' And I'm like 'do I look comfortable?' My legs are spread in a position that not even my husband get to see these days because I'm so hairy down there," Leigh complained in the video.

As hilarious as the video is, it makes an important point as well: During pregnancy, a woman's body sometimes doesn't quite feel like it's her own—and if you've ever felt like your pregnant body was treated like a science experiment, you understand this point all too well.