Not the #easywayout: Mom Gets Real About C-Sections in an Honest Instagram Post

Think C-sections are the "easy way out?" Think again. This mom's candid Instagram post about the complications with hers completely proves otherwise.

For some crazy reason, some people still hold onto the (totally misguided) idea that women who give birth via C-section are taking "the easy way out"—because major surgery is a total walk in the park, right? Insert eye roll here. 

But Australian mom Mel Watts, aka The Modern Mumma knows all too well that C-sections come with their own set of challenges. Prime example: Watts recently shared an Instagram post featuring a photo of her infected C-section scar to make a point about what that sort of birth really entails.

"Infected Caesarean section life," she wrote. "Sometimes it doesn't matter how clean you keep it or how many you've had there is always that chance you'll become one of the statistics." She ended her post with the hashtag #easywayout, which we took as a clap back to the many people who continue to insinuate that's what C-sections are.

This statement needed to be made, and we commend this mom for showing the world what C-section moms really deal with everyday. Moms deliver this way every day in both elective and emergency situations, yet there's still so much judgement and yes, even guilt, involved. Our opinion? This mom shaming needs to end. Every woman has a different path to motherhood: Whether it involves vaginal birth, C-section, adoption, surrogacy, fertility treatments...whatever the case may be, no option is more or less valid than any other. Let's not forget that.