Mom's Ode to Her 'Perfect' Body is Inspiring Us

Musician and mom-of-four Kimberly Henderson posts a bold bare-belly selfie to prove that no one has the "perfect" body—not even after a baby—but we're all beautiful.

Mom's Ode to Her 'Perfect' Body is Inspiring Us Kimberly Henderson/Facebook

What does the "perfect" body look like to you? We all have different opinions of what "ideal" is, but musician and mom Kimberly Henderson, known for her rendition of Whitney Houston's "How Will I know," wants us to know that even the people we think have the "perfect" look can have "flaws" too, because, hey, we're all human—and for moms out there, most of us have also carried a human. No one is perfect (what does "perfect" even mean?), but as the singer explained in a Facebook post, we're all beautiful.

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"Everyone always compliments me on how I have such a 'perfect' body after 4 kids," she wrote in the caption on the post, which has been liked over 140,000 times. "I decided to upload this pic and leave my belly 'unedited' 'unphotoshopped' because I used to struggle with accepting my body after kids."

Her journey to body acceptance hasn't been so smooth. She admitted to worrying about the loss of her visible abs and how the loose skin around her stomach will never fade, no matter how much she works out. But she's over it now. Why? It's really very simple.

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"Because everyday I get to wake up to 4 beautiful smiling faces and I'm reminded that they are worth this flabby belly and they are worth these stretch marks," she says.

And she still wears a bikini because being a mother makes her feel beautiful—even if she does admit it took time to get to a point where she was comfortable with how she looked. "Not having a flat tummy. It took a long time to get there," she says. "Because I struggled so much with my body. I struggled so much because I was young and all these girls my age had perfect bodies and I was in my one-piece bathing suit trying to hide all my flaws."

Now she's showcasing her "perfect" body, loud and proud. Her most important takeaway? Remember "[t]hat your body is beautiful... BECAUSE we ARE moms and we ARE superheroes and we freakin' ROCK and in my opinion that is sexier than any 6 pack!"

Amen, sister!

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