Moms Say Good Riddance to Breast Pumps, 'Office Space' Style

A pumping mom knew she wanted to give her breast pump a ceremonial send-off—so she drew inspiration from the movie Office Space and captured it all on camera. The photos are hilarious!

moms-trash-breast-pump Mia Gorrell
Mia Gorrell is well aware of how hard breastfeeding can be. And like so many moms, she started to resent her breast pump—one day she even fantasized about throwing it out the window.

But Gorrell, a photographer, opted to give her pump a proper send-off once she was finally through with breastfeeding, and she enlisted other moms to join her.

Gorrell drew inspiration from the movie Office Space—more specifically, from a scene in the movie that involves trashing the office's printer. Gorrell rounded up a group of other moms who were also struggling with the demands of nursing, and they trashed the pump while Gorrell photographed the scene.

moms-trashing-breast-pump Mia Gorrell

"If you are a mom that breastfed for any length of time, you'll probably understand what it's like to pump," Gorrell wrote in a blog post about the photos. "The dreaded pumping sessions are some of the worst parts of breastfeeding...Pumping means you are stuck to your chair, prisoner to your car, or even confined to a bathroom stall for anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. Needless to say, when the pumping journey is over, it is empowering, relieving, and exciting! I was inspired to do this photo shoot because of my pure hatred for my pump. While it served its purpose well, I was tempted to chuck it out the window the second I no longer needed it."

moms-trash-breast-pump Mia Gorrell 

For Gorrell, a breast pump is a physical representation of the pressures moms feel to breastfeed and the frustration so many women experience when they realize how tough the act really is.

"I think what inspired so much wrath for me was the pressure to breastfeed, and feeling like you have to explain why you're not," Gorrell said in an emailed statement. "The pump itself was just a tangible 'thing' I could be mad at, when really it's so much more than that. What about women who return to work? The law says employers are to provide break time and a private place for mother's to pump during the work day. Instead, the majority of women are pumping in places like public bathrooms, storage closets, and fitting rooms. It's a double edge sword where expectations and reality vastly differ. I think even women who really enjoyed the breastfeeding experience were glad to rid of their pump once they were finished."

moms-trash-breast-pump Mia Gorrell

Would you want to trash your pump—or is there another baby-related item you can't wait to ditch?