Moms Sues Hospital After Baby Mix Up

A mother is suing a hospital four years after her baby was given to another mom and breastfed shortly after she gave birth. 

Baby Swapped at Birth Meghan Huberdeau/Shutterstock
What would you do if you learned your baby was taken to someone else immediately after you gave birth to him or her? It happened to Tammy Van Dyke, and she's now suing Abbott Northwestern Hospital for this very reason.

Four years ago, Van Dyke's son was mistakenly taken to another new mom shortly after his birth. According to Fox News, Van Dyke's child was breastfed by the other mom, and this was understandably distressing for everyone involved. Van Dyke, her baby and the other mom had to undergo additional medical testing after the incident, and she is reportedly seeking $50,000 in damages.

"In good faith you drop your child off at the hospital nursery with the nurses," Van Dyke ABC affiliate KSTP-TV. "Never in a million years would you think this could happen or would happen."

Abbott Northwestern Hospital, which is located in Minneapolis, is home to the new Mother Baby Center, which opened after the incident. We reached out to the hospital for comment and they informed us they've made significant changes in light of the mix up. “When the Mother Baby Center opened in February 2013, we began using electronic identification bands for the mother and infant that must be matched when returning the infant to the mother. This helps us to assure that the identity of the infant and mother are matched each time," Michelle Smith, the Mother Baby Service Line's clinical program director, said in an emailed statement to Fit Pregnancy.

What do you think about this mix up? Would you sue over an issue like this?