Mother of Stillborn Baby Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk

This woman's story of going from having a stillborn baby to helping others with her breast milk is heartbreaking but incredibly heroic—and inspiring.

Mother of Stillborn Baby Donates 92 Gallons of Breast Milk Monthira Yodtiwong/Shutterstock

Amy Anderson gave birth to a stillborn son, Bryan—and as tragic as her story is, she's managed to turn it into an opportunity to do something amazing.

Doctors advised Anderson to bind her breasts after she suffered her loss but she chose to ignore their advice.

"I thought to myself, OK, I have this milk," Anderson told "Now I need to figure out what to do with it."

Anderson certainly found something wonderful to do with that milk. After learning of breast milk's tremendous health benefits, she started pumping regularly. It couldn't have been easy— even reported that when Anderson requested time away from work to pump, her former employer told her "your baby is dead," which is awful on so many levels.

But Anderson fought for her rights: "It doesn't matter whether or not you have a baby to hold," she said. "I was a lactating woman with physical needs."

Anderson pumped steadily for eight months. "That was time to unwind and be with my angel. It helped me work through my grief," she said of pumping. She ended up donating 92 gallons of her breast milk to various banks with contributions resulting in 30,000 feedings and she's even working to become a breastfeeding consultant.

We are so in awe of Anderson and her story. It's definitely a tragic one, especially when you consider she and her husband, Bryson, have lost three other babies to miscarriages as well. But Anderson ultimately turned her tragic story into an inspirational one.

If you'd like to follow in Anderson's amazing footsteps, you certainly can. There are several places you can donate breast milk: Human Milk Banking Association of America, National Milk Bank and Healing Hands Milk Bank all provide options for women who would like to donate.