A Mother's New Year's Resolution

Living in the Mothering Moment.


New Year's is coming, and I've been thinking a lot about my 2009 resolutions. Around Christmas time every year, I usually make a concise list of goals to achieve during the next twelve months. But for the first time ever, my resolutions aren't very goal oriented. I'm doing away with the concrete goals. Instead, this coming year is about living in the moment.

Motherhood often has us looking ahead--whether it be a day or twenty years into the future. There's always something to plan for--from next week's menu to our kid's college education. But the experience of motherhood also beckons at us to sit up and pay attention to the little miraculous things our children do all day long. If we get too caught up in the looking ahead, we forget to live in the everyday.

Last year I spent a lot of time planning, organizing, and looking ahead. My efforts were fruitful. My home runs smoother, and I feel less crazed all the time. Yet through it all, I missed out on some of the everyday joy. The biggest lesson I learned in 2008 is to celebrate my role as a stay-at-home mom. It doesn't always come easy, but I can finally say: I really love my job.

So as we welcome in 2009, here's what I'll be looking forward to with my children. I can't wait to take more walks and dance around in our pajamas. I can't wait to bake bread and prepare healthy dinners. I'm excited to paint and sew and teach my girls how to play piano. And I'm excited to read lots of books and watch lots of family movies. Mostly, I'm excited to start the New Year with a renewed spirit towards motherhood. Hopefully, my resolution will keep strong until, let's say, 2027 or until all three are grown and happy (which ever comes first)!