Multitasking Mama Nurses on TV, Proves We Can Breastfeed Anywhere

This mother nursed her little babe while appearing on live TV...and no one even knew until the very end. 

Last year, writer and commentator Rachel Sklar appeared on a CBC News broadcast to share her opinion on a new diverse range of Barbie dolls. But weighing in for a segment wasn't the only thing Sklar was doing during this particular broadcast.

While sharing her opinion of the toys, Sklar was breastfeeding her baby daughter to help keep her quiet...and for much of the broadcast, she managed to keep this completely hidden. (What a pro!)

Sklar shared a gif from the segment on her Twitter account, and you can clearly see the moment when her daughter reached one tiny hand up into the frame. "I went on TV while nursing and you couldn't tell (until the end)," she wrote.

“They had reached out to invite me to comment on the new diverse Barbies, and I let them know I was home with no childcare and might have to nurse her to keep her quiet if I couldn’t get her to sleep―which is what I did!” Sklar told The Huffington Post. “I used my laptop camera and set it up so it cropped me just below the shoulders. It was about a five-minute segment.”

It's such a small moment, but it speaks volumes about how capable mothers are. Multitasking is an essential part of parenthood, and considering how well mothers adapt to the juggling act, it's a wonder anyone ever questions a woman's ability to manage her career, interests and relationships after she gives birth. But sadly, this happens all too often.

There's also an important point about breastfeeding moms that needs to be made: When you're a mother, you feed your children whenever they need it. It doesn't matter if you're in public, in the middle of something, or even appearing on live TV. You do what you need to do—and this clip proves that the act doesn't affect anyone except you and your child. 

What amazing multitasking feat have you managed to accomplish while you were feeding your baby?