My Funny Valentine

2.19.10: Jack at 4 months old

Jack at 4 Months_rotator.jpg

This Valentine’s Day, as I sat with the kids covering heart-shaped doilies in heart-shaped stickers, it occurred to me: This time last year, I was making a valentine for Will to tell him the news that I was pregnant. And suddenly, unbelievably, here we are a year later, with this little guy in our midst. One year ago, he was still just an idea… a positive pregnancy test… a heart-shaped valentine announcing his existence. And now he’s announcing his own existence in so many ways, as his personality is showing itself more and more on a daily basis.

Jack is four months old now, which for me has been this magic milestone where our babies suddenly turn the corner from alien-like beings to soft, round, snuggly humans. Jack has cleared the cradle cap and baby acne stages and has emerged with his thick, sturdy skull covered in soft downy blonde hair. His smooth, round, rosy cheeks are even more kissable. He has ripples on his thighs that make a mama proud. He’s grasping things with his hands and rolling over onto one side. He likes to lie on the changing table and roar like a lion.

My baby belly-laughed for the first time last night. He was sitting up, clenching my fingers in his chubby little hands, and as I clapped our hands together and made silly noises, he threw his head back, beamed one of his gigantic smiles, and let out a huge belly-shaking laugh. And then another and another until we were both laughing so hard that Will ran to grab the video camera, turned it on, pointed it at Jack… and he stopped.
Everyone told me that third babies are the easy-going ones—because they have to be. And so far, that’s been the case. Jack has been the sweetest, smiliest, mellowest baby. He sits contentedly in his bouncy seat, chewing on his entire fist and garbling away. This baby warms my heart, even as he’s waking me for the fourth time in the middle of the night. I look at him squawking away in his crib, kicking his heels up into the air, and as I reach in to pick him up, all I can think is: “It’s a good thing you’re so darned cute.”
I know it’s kind of a given when you give birth to someone, but… I really like this kid. I mean, I really like the person that I’m beginning to see in him—the person that he’s beginning to show us. I think we’ll keep him.

Next week: 4 Month Sleep Regression...