Nap Standoff Update: The Baby is Winning

01.13.11 20 weeks old

kateflaim 20 weeks blog.jpg

I know this is boring. It’s boring for me, too. Every week “He sleeps! But not during the day!” Oh. My. God. The new wrinkle is a rejection of the pacifier and yet furious confusion over it being gone. Tucker’s active little hands sneak up to remove the pacifier (or fend off the adult who is trying to pop it in) with increasing vehemence, but he has a lot of trouble winding down to sleep without it. Oy.

Oh, and he resists the late-afternoon nap with incredible stubbornness. As a result, by 5 p.m. or so he is miserable and exhausted, I’m miserable and exhausted, and I start sending Ben desperate emails that serve only to make him feel guilty about the fact that he has a JOB, and can’t rush home to relieve me. It’s just really hard to know what to do when the hours are creeping by and Tucker is too tired to be happy playing, too wound-up to be happy cuddling or listening to stories or anything, and just too stubborn to take a nap.

He’s awake now, by the way, from his used-to-be-pushing-an-hour morning nap, which is back to 30-40 minutes.

And he has a cold. So obviously that’s helping with everything else.

All-around, not a great week in the Flaim household.

Stuff he’s been enjoying:

Sophie the Giraffe has finally caught his attention/he’s figured out how to hold her so the most bite-able portions are at the forefront.

Another Vulli chewy toy, the Gnon in yellow, is a big hit from Christmas. It’s softer rubber than Sophie and is shaped like a mushroom/alien. Tucker holds onto the loop on top and jams the mushroom-edge into his mouth. It’s pretty aggressive, actually.

My pre-Christmas favorite in the pile of Haba toys I bought is Tucker’s favorite, too. Flapsi the funny-looking caterpillar makes an amazing clacking noise and Tucker will watch me flap it around for 10 minutes of tummy time. He also likes to jam the whole head in his mouth.

We’ve (I’ve?) been enjoying the silly rhymes and fun pictures in Jamberry, by Bruce Degen.

I’ve been grateful for: Nosefrida the Snotsucker.

Oh god. I know. But it works! And....yeah, just go read the explanation on the product page. Trust me when I say it’s better than a bulb aspirator.

We need a humidifier. Why are products like humidifiers always such a pain to pick out? They are always an even split between reviewers who love them and hate them. So confusing. I’m going with the Crane Drop Shaped one, probably in orange but maybe in white? I’ll report back. Humidifiers are like pets; they require all kinds of care and feeding and cleaning. But poor congested Tucker needs it!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.