The Natkus Family Vacation

8.20.07: National Lampoon's got nuthin' on this


This week, my siblings packed their bags, stuffed their cars, loaded up their families, and roadtripped to Boston for a big family vacation at the beach. If you've ever seen the Griswold family's trip to Walley World, then you may have some inkling of how this vacation is panning out so far. If Mastercard were filming a commercial of it, it would go something like this:

Time spent planning/prepping for vacation, packing gear, packing suitcases, packing cars: 20 hours

Time spent in the car: 15 hours

Time spent unpacking cars, setting up rooms, grocery shopping, stocking cupboards: 6 hours

Time spent peeling squabbling cousins off of each other: 5 hours

Time spent on an excursion to get a sunfish sailboat, find a hitch and trailer, hook up trailer, pick up boat, unload boat: 5 hours

Time spent packing picnics, sunblocking kids, loading beach gear into cars, hauling gear down to the beach, setting up camp: 4 hours

Time spent clothing wet kids, packing up gear, hauling gear back to cars, cleaning sand out of crevices, unpacking cars, unpacking coolers, bathing kids, washing swimsuits and towels: 3 hours

Time spent at the beach so far: 45 minutes.

Spending time with my family?


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