New Mom Dances Adorably While in Labor

This video of a woman literally dancing through labor is total childbirth goals.

When you think about a woman in labor, you probably envision screaming, sweating, know, the picture of a woman in some serious pain. The term "childbirth" probably doesn't conjure images of a woman dancing as she prepares to give birth.

But that's what one adorable mama did, and (thankfully!) her moves were captured on video. It is the cutest thing, and we're seriously in awe of how energetic, calm and coordinated this mom stayed. She wore a pair of mesh underwear and a pad because her water had already broken, but nothing could stop her from busting a move before she welcomed her baby. And get this: She didn't even have any pain medication for the birth.

The video of this lady dancing was shared on Birthing in Love's Facebook page, where it has been viewed over 8,000,000 times.

"Fair play to her, surprised she had any energy left for the delivery. I was tired just watching," one commenter said of the video.

We have to agree: The mom was dilated six centimeters at the time the video was taken, and the fact that she was on her feet—let alone flawlessly executing a full-on dance routine—is crazy impressive. We also wonder if dancing through labor is actually the smartest idea ever. Getting up and shaking that belly might be the perfect way to take your mind off the pain, find some humor in the situation and maybe even help your baby wiggle on down so birth can happen as quickly possible. 

This mom isn't the only one who has danced into motherhood—there's also this fierce Belieber; this lady, who got an assist from a medicine ball; and this couple, who enjoyed a sweet moment before they became parents, to name a few.

What do you think of this? Will you attempt a delivery room dance party of your own?