New Mom Gets REALLY Real About Sex After Childbirth

Sex after baby. It's something few women discuss—but one fearless mama is going there in a recent video. She does NOT hold back!

The pain associated with giving birth is pretty well-documented. But here's what doesn't get nearly as much attention: The pain and discomfort mamas face after they've given birth. There's this crazy idea that moms are supposed to bounce back in every way as soon as they head home—and that's simply not the case. 

For example, let's get real about one thing. Sex after baby? Not always a pleasant experience. Few women discuss what it's really like—and that's why a recent video from Riona O Connor is so refreshing.

The new mom gets down to the nitty gritty about the postpartum reality, and it's both hilarious and informative. She discusses everything from the physical difficulties to the emotional stress women put on themselves to just get back into the groove. And it's amazing.

"It's a subject that isn't really spoken about," O Connor told Fit Pregnancy of her decision to record this video. "For me, it hadn't come up at all in any chats or classes and I really hadn't considered how I would feel until I was in that situation myself. It's hinted at in hushed whispers, but I'd kind of like to talk and laugh loudly about it with as many men and women as possible so we are all aware of what's in store when we have babies!"

O Connor didn't quite know what to expect in the bedroom after she gave birth—which isn't surprising, considering so few people ever talk about the realities. "I was surprised by how much pressure there was—from myself! As women, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to be everything to everyone," she said. "Mother, carer, wife, bread winner, sexy, beautiful, perfect. I'd love to shine a light on all the ways that pressure sneaks into our lives! Sex is just one of those things that we need to get real about."