New Moms Need Self-Love Too, As This Instagram Post Reminds Us

Have you made time for you today? See the good reason this new mom's Instagram post went viral.

Being a new mom is completely unlike anything else you've ever experienced. We hate to scare you, but everything you hear about this phase is totally true: There's rarely time for a new mother to look after her own needs, especially during those hectic first few weeks. Eating, sleeping, showering—those things to tend to fall by the wayside for postpartum women.

But this shouldn't always be the case: Even if you've just welcomed a new baby, you deserve the chance to take care of your own basic needs and even take a few minutes to just enjoy the ride. Easier said than done, we know!

Sarah Bivens, a new mom who went viral after uploading a hilarious photo of her husband imitating her pregnancy selfie, posted yet another gem on the social media platform—but while the more recent photo isn't quite as funny, it does serve as an important message to all the new moms out there who are struggling to make time for themselves.

Bivens, who gave birth less than a month ago, posted a selfie of her postpartum body—and it's a totally relatable shot. Bivens looks amazing, but like so many new moms, she's wearing a "super chic" outfit: In her case, that means Christmas boxers and a nursing bra. Still, the mama mentions the fact that she took some time to do her hair and makeup—which is sort of a big deal for a brand new parent, right?

It's amazing how things that once seemed like chores (blow drying hair? Ugh) become true acts of self-love after you become a mom, and Bivens post hits that nail on the head. "I let [my daughter] fuss and cry for the last few minutes - because I knew she was safe and well fed, and because I knew how important it was for me to carve out those few minutes for myself. Time for yourself is paramount—whether you're a mother or not. Do something for YOU today," she wrote. 

New moms: How have you made time for yourself after giving birth?