Not Just For Moms: Couple Teams Up to Get Healthier After Baby Together

Sometimes women aren't the only ones who gain baby weight—so it stands to reason that they shouldn't be the only ones feeling the pressure to lose it afterwards. One husband and wife team proves that becoming healthier after baby is not just a mom thing.

It's been said that one of the most effective weight loss strategies involves spending time with friends who eat less—so with that logic, it stands to reason that being married to someone who is eating more for their growing baby, could have the opposite effect.

Brandon and Debbie Potter know this all too well: When they welcomed their first child, they adopted some less than healthy eating habits. The couple reportedly consumed a cumulative 8,000 calories a day, noshing on burgers, fried chicken and sweets. Obviously, this isn't a good idea from a health standpoint, but we get it: When you're a new parent, sometimes you become so consumed with your child's health that you forget about your own. And we all know It's way easier to grab caloric fast food than it is to prepare healthy meals when you've just had a baby.

Unsurprisingly, the Potters gained weight—and when Debbie became pregnant for the second time, it all intensified. Debbie indulged her pregnancy cravings and her husband kept her company while she did so. “Part of it was down to ‘sympathy eating’,” Brandon said, according to the New York Post. “Whenever she wanted a late night McDonald’s I would eat, too, so she didn’t feel as bad about it.”

The Potters are certainly not the only couple to experience this. NFL player Karlos Williams proved even professional athletes sometimes gain weight when they enter fatherhood—and as we've previously reported, research indicates that new dads are likely to gain a few pounds. 

Both Debbie and Brandon decided to take matters into their own hands: They overhauled their diet, exercised regularly...and they shed impressive amounts of weight. Debbie, who also struggled with anorexia, posted about their experience on her personal Facebook page. "Today I want to acknowledge someone who keeps me inspired and motivated to be my best self every single day. This is my husband and he has been my biggest support through this whole journey! Not only have I lost 80 lbs, he has too because we are in this together and boy has his weight loss paid off big time," she wrote. "Our marriage is stronger than ever because we know we can accomplish anything we set our minds to TOGETHER."

We're incredibly impressed by this couple and really commend them for making such a significant lifestyle change. It's not about the size of your clothes, it's about keeping healthy habits and setting a solid example for your children. While gaining weight during is pregnancy is normal whether you're a mother or a father, it's also important to find that balance between accepting your changed body and understanding how to best take care of it. These two have found it—and it's pretty inspirational.