Nothing Could Stop This Pregnant Woman From Voting—Not Even Labor

This woman, who swung by the polls while en route to the hospital to give birth, is proof that there's no reason NOT to vote in this year's election.

Soshy Adelstein Courtesy of Max Brandel/Facebook
There's no excuse not to vote if you've been given the privilege to do so—need proof? Look no further. Soshy Adelstein went into labor a few days ago. She also exercised her right to vote on the very same day—because if there's one thing a mother knows how to do, it's multitask.

Adelstein was on her way to the hospital to, you know, give birth to her baby (NBD) when she swung by her Colorado polling place to cast her vote. She and her husband, Max Brandel, cast their ballots and even stopped to take a selfie against the polling station's "I Voted Today!" backdrop before heading to the delivery room. The whole process only took about 10 minutes, and fittingly enough, Adelstein's contractions were about 10 minutes apart at the time

“I was excited to go [vote]. Took a deep breath when the contractions came and got my envelope in and all was good, ” Adelstein told CBS Denver.  “Things got really intense after we left. We literally made it just in the nick of time.”

Laboring Woman Voting Soshy Adelstein/Max Brandel

Adelstein gave birth to her daughter, Bella Rose Brandel, just about 14 hours after she cast her vote. 

“It is very important to us that we bring our daughter in to a world and country we our proud of,” her husband told The Huffington Post of the couple's commitment to hitting the polls. "We feel this is an unusually important election that’s going to affect us on a personal level. We had no idea how long we’d be in the hospital, or what condition we’d be in to vote after our baby was born." 

We imagine the suffragettes who fought so, so hard so that women of the future could cast their votes would be proud.