Oh, Boy!

3.26.07: The anatomy of a little brother


We have been informed that Charlie has big balls.

That's right. Big balls. "Uncle Fun" made the announcement after watching me change Charlie's diaper.

"Don't all baby boys?" I asked.


Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle—I had no idea. But, ever since it was called to my attention, I can't stop thinking about it... about the testosterone factor in Charlie's life. About his very boyness. It's just that our firstborn happens to be the girliest of girls. "1000% girl," her Grandpa and Bubbe say. She daintily crosses her ankles when she sits. She raises her pinky finger when she takes a sip of tea at her tea parties. She literally puts the dress in getting dressed. I don't know where she gets it—it's certainly not from me.

I was the kind of girl who preferred playing basketball to playing with Barbies. I think it must be because I grew up with two older brothers leading the charge. I spent my childhood climbing trees, playing catch, and helping my brothers chase our younger sister down the street with a giant fishing net so that we could capture her and tie her to a tree. So, I can't help but wonder what it will be like for Charlie to grow up with this girliest of girls leading the charge. No doubt he will be playing with dolls...having tea parties...wearing dresses...big balls, and all.


I hope we don't have the kind of household that would foster stereotypical gender roles. Will and I are, I'd like to think, equal partners. Sure, we have our fair share of traditional traits. But, I take out the trash. Will does the grocery shopping. I mow the lawn. We both change diapers. And we decided long before we had kids that—out of necessity—Will would teach them to cook while I would teach them to do a jumpshot.

I hate to make generalizations about our kids, and I'm trying really hard not to put labels on them. But, still, it's impossible to deny Julia's innate girliness. And now I can't help but wonder if Charlie will have some sort of innate boyishness that will come through, despite his big sister's influence. Will the very testosterone running through his veins help shape who he becomes? If the loud belch that he lets loose after I feed him is any indication, I think we've got a "1000% boy" in our midst.

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