Mom Slays Triathlon, Breastfeeds, Is Super Woman!

Just give her a gold medal, OK?

Stop what you're doing right now and get ready to applaud...because this mom deserves it! On Sunday, Katrina Bolduc proved there's no one quite as powerful as a new mom when she completed a triathlon and then promptly breastfed her son, Grayson. 

"First triathlon back postpartum and as soon as I finished my little 7-month-old needed to eat," 28-year-old Bolduc of San Luis Obispo, California, explained. "Got my medal and fed my baby like a champ! I dared anyone to test me here, but no one even cared, and even commented 'Congrats' as I fed him. This is a special day in the books for me!"

The photo above, which was shared on the ever-popular Breastfeeding Mama Talk Facebook page, has prompted other moms to share their similar stories about breastfeeding after competing in fitness challenges. "When my first son was 5 months old I competed in a judo competition—it took forever!! And he was SO ready to breastfeed the second I got off the mat!" one user shared. 

Bolduc, who regularly competed in endurance events pre-pregnancy, is proud to foster such a sisterhood. "I think sometimes society kind of pushes [new moms] aside and expects us to stay at home and not work out and just be a mom,” she told SELF. “But I believe—and I think I’m proof of that—that we can be so much more. We continue to be part of a fitness community and have goals and we can still get our training in."

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