Oklahoma Baby Makes 107-Year-Old Woman a Great-Great-Great Grandma

Thanks to the birth of its newest member, an Oklahoma family now spans SIX generations. Crazy!

Old lady grandmother holding little baby hands DavidTB/Shutterstock
Oleane Young Mulkey is 107 years old, which is an amazing feat in and of itself. But as if that weren't enough, the Oklahoma native officially became a great-great-great grandmother. 

Mulkey's great-great-great granddaughter Addison was born in October—the family is believed to be the only six-generation clan in Oklahoma at the moment. Mulkey also raised 12 children of her own (nine of whom are still living) and has 24 grandchildren and 37 great-grandchildren. 

Mulkey is in remarkably good health, which might explain why she's earned a title so, so few people ever reach: According to reports from Tulsa World, the eldest member of the family doesn't smoke or drink, cooks three meals a day and regularly hosts her whole family at her home. 

According a Tulsa organization, there are about 300 centenarians living in Oklahoma right now, but it would reportedly be unprecedented if Mulkey welcomes a great-great-great-great grandchild in her lifetime—a seven-generation family would be Guinness Book of World Records material.

It's only natural that we all hope for our family members to be around to meet and fall in love with our children—but to give your kids a great-great-great grandmother? Well, that's beyond most people's wildest dreams. 

“When she saw Addison, she kept saying ‘How precious—how precious,’” Addison's grandmother Janeva Maxson told Tulsa World. “I was helping her hold her, and she didn’t want me to take her away. It was such a joy to see.”