Our Favorite Pregnant Mamas

We've rounded up our favorite real moms-to-be and their bumps. Send your own pic to #ilovemybump.

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We Love Your Bumps! Thanks for sending your many beautiful photos our way. We're thrilled to see your happy faces and growing bellies. Many of you mamas are right in the heart of the glorious second trimester at about 20 weeks pregnant--and you are looking fabulous. Click on the photo above to advance the slideshow--and see more bump joy.

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Beach Beauty

Eloise's first day at the beach.


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26 Weeks

Tree pose in the pines from @yogalina.

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6 Months Pregnant

@brianne0209 is 6 months pregnant and glowing.

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Aqua Belly Classes at the YMCA

Lots of pregnant belly bumps here. Such a great photo!


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Double Bumps!

Can you guess who's having the twins? hint: it's not the bigger of the two ;)
@pixiebyderive at 25 weeks and @laurahbrady at 18 weeks.

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Pregnant with Style

MyChicBump shared her bump, with pregnancy styling tips! @Karen_Zaro from MyChicBump.com.

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31 Weeks

<a data-cke-saved-href="http://instagram.com/p/Xn6ARlkTga/" href="http://instagram.com/p/Xn6ARlkTga/" target="_blank" "="">@karina85g

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