Parents Look to The Lion King for Epic Baby Reveal Video

The circle of life, indeed. 

That's one way to make an introduction! Meet baby Kaiori Ayotunde Omautan Wusu, a newborn who made her debut in the world in spectacular fashion. The little one starred in a video inspired by Disney's The Lion King, in which her family introduced their new pride and joy to the world.

The video comes with the caption "Baby Wusu, Kaiori Ayotunde Omautan Wusu, is introduced to the world. And the world was pleased." It takes place in the hospital and shows both mother and father doting on their new addition before cutting to a clip of the father raising his daughter above his head proudly—it's an image reminiscent of that iconic moment from the know, the one where Simba is lifted high for a crowd of onlookers to see? Much like Simba, baby Wusu is greeted by cheers and smiles from a large crowd of well-wishers.

We love this sweet video, which does such a great job of summing up the idea that it really does take a village to raise a child. The parallels with The Lion King are spot on and baby Wusu is so gorgeous!

Watch the full video here:

And in case you need a refresher: