People Are Claiming This Super Fit Mom Didn't Give Birth to Her Kids

Simone Gately is in absolutely amazing shape. She's also a mother of five. And no, those two things are not mutually exclusive. 

Simone Gately has a set of abs anyone would be proud of, but the mama has faced her fair share of body shaming. According to haters, the fact that Gately is as fit as she is means she couldn't have possibly given birth to her five children. Yes, the argument is as ridiculous as it sounds.

Gately, a personal trainer, regularly posts photos with her beautiful children on her Instagram feed. But instead of admiring her close-knit family or commending her obvious commitment to fitness, some of the mama's followers have chosen to express disbelief over her situation. "Absolutely no way you've ever had a child in your life," one commenter wrote. Others question whether the mama adopted her children—and while that's certainly the reality for plenty of women out there, we believe it's invasive and inappropriate to ask someone this sort of question on such a public forum.

Of course, the reasoning behind this question is just as problematic: There's this societal idea that mothers all have to look a certain way—they should drop their baby weight quickly (but not "too" quickly!), they should be slim just months after delivery (but not "too thin!"), they should discard their pre-pregnancy wardrobes in favor of "mom-friendly" looks (but they should never appear sloppy!)

Here's the thing, though: Every woman looks different before, during and after pregnancy. Having a six-pack after birthing five babies is in the cards for some women—genetics, diet, fitness...there are so many factors that can affect how someone will bounce back after babies. Gately, who spoke to Daily Mail about the backlash she's received, obviously works really, really hard for her amazing body. We wish everyone could just applaud her for that instead of trying to project the idea that moms have to look a certain way. 

"Getting back in shape after having babies is never easy," the mama wrote alongside an Instagram photo. "I gained 250lb across 5 pregnancies in just 6 years! I felt uncomfortable and unhappy so made some life style changes and lost up to 50lb in 10 weeks!! If I could do it then anyone can do it and keep the weight off so keep going and never give up."