Photographer Claps Back After Mom is Shamed For Sexy Postpartum Shoot

See the photos and the photog's fist-pump-worthy response. 

Surely you've heard of maternity photo shoots, but what about postpartum photo shoots? After all, your body just did the most epic thing a body can do, so why not chronicle your awesomeness?

Canadian photographer Trina Cary wanted to do just that for a new mom, so she put out a casting call. Mel and Gabby Varney, a local married couple with three children, answered the ad. According to Buzzfeed News, Trina thought Mel and Gabby were "the perfect fit" for the photos, so she set out to “showcase self-love, couples love, postpartum and body confidence all in one go" in the shots. She even wrote a blog post about the experience, complete with a quote from Mel about her deepest insecurities. "Every mom knows that it was worth the struggle for the end result," Mel, who welcomed a baby boy and then twin girls all in the space of 12 months, said. "But it’s still hard. You don’t have time to think of the way you look most days, but sometimes you catch a glimpse of your body and hardly even recognize the reflection staring back."

The shoot and the blog post were so honest and raw, but no one could have predicted what happened next. When Trina posted the shots online, trolls swarmed the comments section—and people even called Mel a "slut" and a "hoe" for posing in the gorgeous shots. “People are cruel,” Trina said. “I shouldn’t have been surprised as I deal with haters all the time regarding vulnerable sessions but I was in shock...The fact that people jumped at tearing her apart broke my heart. Insecurities are personal; you can’t tell someone how to feel.”

According to Trina, Mel had a really tough time dealing with all the comments. So, to prove she had her back, Trina fired back at the haters in the most powerful, eloquent way—and that's worth celebrating.

"I was hurt. I hurt for Mel," Trina said about the negative comments. "I hurt for any other woman trying to regain her confidence and do something for herself. The gist of the comments were people who aren’t comfortable with their own bodies lashing out at her—funny it was always her never her husband. Everyone is entitled to their own view and opinion but there are many other constructive ways to voice that without being rude and hateful. This session was not about two people being vain this was about learning to love yourself again. There isn’t one person out there who doesn’t want a nice picture of themselves that makes them feel good when they look at it. Some people even went as far as calling her a slut or a hoe, shame on you!!! This woman has dedicated her life to her husband and her children. She is fighting personal insecurities and your best comment is to trash her?! It makes me physically sick reading comments like these. Words hurt, people! I feel sorry for the authors of these comments because they are the ones who need a session like this most but will never have the courage or strength to do one. They are the ones shrouded in jealousy and insecurities and choose to reply out of spit."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves!