Photos from Jeanne's trip to Peru with Care

Bearing, and caring for, Peruvian babies--as seen through the eyes of an American labor and delivery nurse

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A Remarkable Mother

Juana, 51 years old, delivered Daniella - her 13th child. Nine of her children have lived.

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The Microwave

Cold food and water is culturally taboo and many women wouldn't come to the hospital for delivery because their culture wasn't respected. So, CARE bought the hospital a microwave.

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Another Remarkable Mother

Olinda, 33, delivered her second child. She's a biologist who teaches children about global warming.

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Ayacucho Regional Hospital

The Regional Hospital

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Vertical Birth Demo

The midwives demonstrate a vertical birth. Note that the midwives are kneeling on a pad on the floor. Imagine doing that for years and years?

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A Post Partum Room at the Ayacucho Hospital

No such thing as a private room. Families share the room with patients. No one was concerned about covering up for breastfeeding. Everyone breastfeeds.

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The Hospital in Ayacucho

The regional hospital in Ayacucho serves everyone who lives in the region as well as all complicated cases transferred from small health centers in mountain villages.

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Ayacucho Regional Hospital

Obstetrics and Emergency Departments

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No Private Rooms

Family can stay with patients and are given food if they need it, but there's very little room and no privacy.

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Preparation for Childbirth

The "Psychoprophylaxis Class." Unless you have a Cesarean, all pain management is done with breathing and relaxation classes. Every patient takes either a series of classes or an emergency class during labor. No epidurals unless for surgery.

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