Picture Perfect: Tips for Newborn Photography

How to take amazing baby pictures.

baby sleeping

If you don't have bucks to burn on a professional photographer for that perfect baby announcement photo, don't stress. Follow these tips from photographer Ted Catanzaro of Los Angeles-based Ted & Debbie to best capture your cutie:

Avoid using flash: Create soft, filtered light by hanging a sheer curtain in front of a window or lamp.

Get up close and personal: Capture close-ups of your baby's toes, hands and face.

Remain neutral: Choose a simple background, such as a light-colored solid blanket, so your baby "pops" in focus.

Keep snapping: For every dozen shots, there's likely just one keeper, so take lots of photos

Get creative: Many newborn photographers love using props and backdrops to make their shots even more unique. Photographer Katherine Marie shares on her blog: "My all-time favorite thing to do with newborns is to put them in and on things. Look around your house for bowls, baskets, plates. Get creative!" She also recommends using a blanket or some fabric to "use as a backdrop if you have lots of clutter around."

Go black and white, she urges, "Nothing beats a timeless and classic black-and-white photograph." The photographer reminds us that babies are most easily movable and flexible within the first 10 days of life — and everyone loves a photo of a sleepy newborn.

The most important skill to have when photographing a newborn: patience. "Photographing newborns is a hard, messy job!" she says.