Postpartum Photo Proves a Mom Will Do Whatever It Takes to Feed Her Baby

A new mom shared a candid postpartum shot of her and her daughter—and managed to highlight an unusual feeding method with the sweet photo: using a syringe.

Like so many other new moms out there, Rebecca McKeever struggled to get her newborn baby to latch onto her breast immediately after her birth. 

“A lactation consultant came to our hospital room to ask if we needed help,” McKeever said of the experience, according to The Huffington Post. “She saw that I was expressing colostrum but that [my daughter] Andromeda wasn’t latching, so she brought in little cups and syringes so we could get some food in her. I expressed some colostrum into a cup, then put it into the syringe and fed her little drops at a time.”

A photograph of McKeever holding the newborn in a hospital bed and feeding her directly from a syringe filled with milk was shared on Carriage House Birth's Instagram page, where it has been liked nearly 2,000 times.

The mom is a birth and postpartum doula herself, so she had heard of this feeding method...but the truth is, many women have likely never considered this workaround. In fact, even McKeever never thought to use the method in her own situation. According to McKeever, the experience was "incredible," and her daughter seemed to love it as well. "We had to syringe-feed her at first cause she was so sleepy! Grateful that she is nursing so well now. I hope sharing our experience will encourage other Mama's to meet their babies where they are at and go with the flow! And to not give up," McKeever wrote on her Instagram page.

McKeever shared this photo for a every important reason. The mom told The Huffington Post that she wants other mothers “to recognize that things might not always go as planned in a perfect picture, to be encouraged to go with the flow and let go of expectations, to meet their baby where they are at with no judgement but just with compassion and love.”