Power Foods and Power Naps

06.23.11 10 months


Tuck was 10 months old on Monday! I feel like he leapt forward in the last few weeks, crawling, climbing, generally getting into things...even "talking" in a much more focused way. I'm exhausted; serious vigilance is required to keep him from, say, gnawing on a door frame (lead paint, I assume, under the layer of latex that was slapped on when we moved in) or smacking his head while trying to climb up something in the kitchen. I don't know how the mothers of twins do it.

We had a peaceful Father's Day—a walk down to a local restaurant for pancakes, some errands and general hanging out, a drive out to Walden Pond to see if we should do Tuck's *birthday party* (agh!) there... Gorgeous weather was a definite bonus.

Reader Amy asked for an update on food in the comments last week, which was a good reminder that I hadn't talked much about it after I initially claimed to be pureeing everything in sight. I did do a lot of roasted/pureed sweet potatoes and butternut squash for a couple months, along with pureeing fresh mango and making applesauce (not a hit). But I have to admit that I gradually got pretty hooked on the vacuum pouches from Plum Organics, which have a twist off cap and can be dispensed right into a spoon when you're on the go. We were traveling so much, and they are so neat, tidy and EASY. They're been on a 10/$10 sale at Babies R Us for what seems like months, which brings the price down to something a bit more reasonable, too.

Now we are doing a combination of finger foods and purees, which I usually mix with the iron-fortified infant oatmeal. Tuck is still nursing four times a day: When he wakes up, before each nap, and before bed. He eats some fruit puree with oatmeal or yogurt in the morning for breakfast, and a combination of finger foods and purees to fill in around the edges for lunch and dinner. We need to get more consistent about an afternoon snack; he needs something to bridge the gap from nursing before afternoon nap (1:45 or so) and dinner (5:45).

In terms of finger foods, the successes range from day to day. Generally he loves bits of cheddar cheese, pieces of toast with hummus (I've found that if I make toast, spread it with hummus, cut it up for him, and then stick the leftovers in the fridge for later it makes a great snack because the hummus soaks in/dries out a bit and it's not messy), bread of any kind, blueberries (cut in half), and meatballs. I've used the Ikea ones and cocktail meatballs from Trader Joe's. I'm not proud, and I do plan to make a batch of homemade! They're SO EASY, though—30 seconds in our microwave from frozen, and he loves them. In fact, if I want him to eat anything else it has to come first, because once he's spotted the meatballs he's done with any other offering.

Some days he loves peas, other days cooked carrots, sometimes soft chunks of sweet potato. I've found great frozen vegetables at Trader Joe's, with nothing added at all, to bridge the gap until local fresh vegetables come in here. Our farm share (CSA) is finally gearing up, which is fun and exciting.

I want to get Tuck eating whatever we eat, but the practical truth is that I don't cook our dinner until after he's in bed, so he's more likely to get leftovers the next day. So far he's willing to try most things, though, so I'm happy.

Random notes:

-I need to watch myself; it's so tempting to nibble leftovers of things like delicious, greasy cocktail meatballs. I'm below my pre-pregnancy weight thanks to all our walking, but that won't last if I keep snacking!

-It's hilarious but somewhat alarming to watch Tuck suck down, literally, pieces of bread. He likes to hold a big piece and chew on it, but eventually he'll suck all the hummus off and start folding the whole thing into his mouth until I have to fish it out. We're working on "take a little bite! take that out!"

-There's been a certain amount of screaming/sobbing/frustration at some meals. I can't tell if it's because he wants to eat the purees himself, instead of being fed, or if he just misses having B around to feed him. It seems like it's only when I'm the one doing the feeding that it's a problem.


In other news, there's been some crazy sleep going on around here this week. Two-hour naps morning and afternoon, having to be woken up at 7 a.m....I don't know if I should be worried, or just chalk it up to a wiped out not-baby, not-toddler who is way more active than he used to be. Or potentially growing a foot and a half. Does anyone have a clue about this? I'm not complaining; I've been doing stuff like clearing out the linen closet and organizing the butler's pantry (and writing blog posts), but I don't know if I should be waking him up after 90 minutes or letting him sleep!


There's a site redesign coming here at Fit Pregnancy, so we're skipping a post next week and I don't think I'll be able to reply to comments for a week or so. If you have anything you want to chat about, feel free to shoot me an email (kflaim@gmail.com) or post on the Fit Pregnancy Facebook page!

Kate Flaim is a freelance journalist and food blogger based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.