Pregnancy: Love It or Hate It?

28 Weeks Pregnant

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“Someone asked me a question about you today, and I wasn’t sure how to answer,” Will told me the other day.
“What was the question?” I asked.
“Do you love being pregnant?”
“Wow – I’m not sure I know how to answer that, either,” I said, seriously searching for the right answer. “I mean… I don’t hate being pregnant, but it’s no walk in the park, either.”
The person who’d asked Will is someone who hated being pregnant with both of her kids. She’s an incredibly fit, outdoorsy woman whose three favorite things are (I quote): “Rollercoasters, surfing and wine.” So, yeah, I can see how she could hate being pregnant—it can definitely put a damper on certain things for a good year or more.
I certainly wouldn’t wish my first trimesters on my worst enemy. And, the last trimester is no picnic either, when everyday activities get pretty awkward and uncomfortable. And, sometimes, pregnancy can just plain be filled with anxiety and worry, so that it’s hard to relax and enjoy the ride.
I guess the real answer is that I’m trying to love this pregnancy. Because I know it’s definitely my last. (Seriously, I mean it this time.) Knowing that I will never experience this again makes me appreciate it all that much more. I’m holding on to the little moments along the way—the joy of finding out that we were pregnant; every single one of the baby’s kicks; the moments of anticipation of the new little guy in our lives; the beautiful roundness of my belly right now. When it’s all over, I think I might just miss being pregnant. But, with a new baby in our lives, I’ll have so much more to look forward to. (And, I wouldn't mind some rollercoaster rides, some surfing, and a big glass of wine myself.)
This week, we had our 28-week follow-up ultrasound, which showed that my placenta is no longer blocking my cervix, and that the cyst on the baby’s brain has disappeared. We couldn't ask for better news. And, we got this great glimpse of our baby's sweet chubby cheeks to boot. Now, I’m really loving this pregnancy.

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